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The Ecstasy of Mold

Il Moi Nome E' Nessuno

Dirty Harrington
26 September 1988
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Hi. My name is Jeremy Horsley.

I'm 19 and live at home with my mother in Hope Mills, NC. I'm currently attending Fayetteville Technical Community College after nabbing a whole semester of F's at East Carolina University and moving home.

I read comic books, mostly the Marvel ones, and my favorite characters are Captain America, Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Ra's al Ghul, and Doctor Doom. My favorite writers are Ed Brubaker, Grant Morrison, and Geoff Johns, while my favorite comic-book artists are David Finch and Adi Granov. I'm a big event reader and buy into hype 75% of the time, but usually find myself bored halfway through the event and unsatisfied until several months after. Lumping manga into the same category, my favorite series is Tohru Fujisawa's Great Teacher Onizuka, and between it and Ichi the Killer I can't tell which had a bigger effect on me. I also collect action figures of my favorite comic book/manga characters and put them on display throughout my room because I'm a massive nerd.

My other interests are cartoons/anime, including the entire DC Animated Universe. From Batman to Justice League Unlimited, even Static Shock and the almost completely OOC Teen Titans, I love most everything. I'm looking forward to The New Frontier cartoon, but am worried because Superman: Doomsday sucked really bad. Other cartoons I like a lot are Avatar The Last Airbender (probably a better show than the DCAU shows, but I'll reserve final judgement for when season three ends), Gargoyles, Looney Tunes, and half the crap Adult Swim airs. Anime shows I like a lot are One Piece, most anything with a giant robot (most, not all >_>), Monster, and Cowboy Bebop.

MUSIC. I LOVE MUSIC. I love rock, rap, country, jazz, soul, funk, disco, moan-y lame stuff, Japanese, bubblegum pop, and really just loads of horrible stuff mashed in with really awesome stuff in general. My taste varies greatly! But I don't like scream-y music for the most part, and I don't like bands that constantly puts out sad mopey music.

My taste in movies is pretty much the same as my taste in music. I like some stuff people really really hate, and I hate some stuff people think is awesome and thought-provoking and stuff. And really most of the stuff I hate I don't HATE, I just think it's really really overrated, KEY EXAMPLE, Donnie Darko. Example of something I really did actually hate would be the crap Underworld sequel. But my favorite films of all time will always be the Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns with their beautiful Ennio Morricone scores and intrinsically epic feel.

Uhhh... there isn't much else to be said. I've got two pets, my kitty Doc Savage and my dog Madame Zelda. I used to play video games a lot but in the past few months have almost stopped altogether. And really I'm just looking to have some fun writing on this live journal thing. CIAO.
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