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The more I think about the Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul I start to see different ways I should be looking at the event:

  1. At least he's back at all.  I'm not a Death and the Maidens fan and a Ra's'less Batman seems almost as unatural as a Joker'less Batman to me.  Maybe now (if all goes well) we can get some more awesome stories out of Ra's before they decide to kill him off again.
  2. New evil-origin-Sensei-son Ra's isn't so bad!  Sure he's way more pressimistic about humans and love, but I guess I can just bite the bullet!  Cause new body-crazed Ra's is sort of like his last appearances in the DCAU.  A little less focused on saving the Earth, a little more focused on saving his skin.
  3. Damian is becoming a worthwhile character!  Sure, most Morrison-obssessed drooling fanboys would scream he's been worthwhile since he showed up, but I was not digging Damian prior to this arc.  I mean, you could tell he wanted Batman to love him, but all he did was act like a little cock.  I think the moments away from the Bat-family with him resisting Ra's have been like A HIGH POINT for the guy.  Maybe him being Batman some day ain't so bad.
  4. Paul Dini sucks.
That is all.
So after seeing some interesting stuff on scans daily I decided it was about time I buckled down and gave what was out there a read.  I'll just go issue by issue:

Batman Annual #26:  I don't like this new evil Ra's origin.  I really don't like it at all, I'd take Birth of the Demon over it any day, and this White Ghost guy just feels forced.  Granted, something strange did happen in this issue:  Damian started growing on me.  JUST A LITTLE.  Just a little.

Robin Annual #7:  First story had nothing to do with Ra's!  But it was Champagne so I liked it.  And ONCE AGAIN reading the second Damian-centric story I find myself liking the little fucker.  I especially liked him fighting with the "Robins."

Batman #670:  Once again I liked the Damian characterization, but other than that I didn't feel much going on in this issue.  I guess that makes enough sense with it just being the prelude.  Also, this is where my confusion over wtf body Ra's is in begins.

Robin #168:  Ra's is still in mummy mode and Tim's being a little emo.  I guess the brothers competing for Batman's love is sort of interesting, but Robin seemed a little too paranoid.  Meanwhile, I'm finally understanding what the Sensei's doing and I feel good about that. 

Nightwing #138:  Nightwing being cool Nightwing and not lame Nightwing.  These three wannabe-villain whores I hadn't mentioned before because Morrison almost wrote them interesting enough to not bother me become a bit tiresome in this issue.  Damian becomes a bit more annoying in this issue, shows more of his "FUCK YOU GUYS" attitude than he did in previous installments, but it's cause we've got plenty of Nightwing quipping to distract us from it.    OK.  So now back to Ra's.  He's like a scary zombie Ra's in this one.  Which I guess could be mummy Ra's unwrapped.  I'm buying it. 

Detective Comics #838:  I'm just going to say it right now, this was my least favorite issue.  The art bugged me and this is where everything started getting a weird inconsistency (or so it seemed to ME).  Damian's being a dick again carries over from the last issue, but his cute little "I'm a Robin too" outfit doesn't, explainable enough, but it just seemed odd that it vanished.  ALSO, Ra's almost seems to be like regenerating.  Now he looks sort of like an old version of himself rather than a corpse-zombie version.  On the other hand he's acting more like the Ra's I know and love, which while I like, doesn't fit this new Ra's the story seems to be hamfisting into continuity.  Him bargaining with Robin would have been nice if it didn't seem like ROBIN TOTALLY WOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT.  My biggest issue with this ISSUE though has to be how friendly Talia and Batman are being.  I mean, I sort of understand the cloak and armor, she explained that well enough, but all these shots of him grinning at her?  Makes me want to vomit.  One step forward, two steps back, Dini.  The cliffhanger was good enough though.

Batman #671:  MORRISON IS BACK YAY.  Right?  Yeah.  Right.  Sensei's made a shitload of progress, and whatnot, story feels like it's coming to a head.  Except now Ra's doesn't look like a zombie fucked up version of himself or an old version of himself, he just looks green.  I mean I could have bought this if the same comic book one issue earlier hadn't shown him looking like some burn victim all wrapped up in gauze.  Cool-Ra's carries forward from DC, and everything is going fine UNTIL:  "WHAT MUST I DO WITH YOU MY WAYWARD BOY?"  Whaaaaaaaat.  No he did not.  Who thought making the Sensei Ra's' dad was a cool idea?  Cause they were right.  It was a cool idea until they decided to execute it in this fashion.  I guess it makes sense with this new Ra's origin, but still hopelessly clinging to Birth of the Demon this revelation just rubs me the wrong way.  Fast-forward to the end, Sensei's burning, Ra's gets a new body that I won't have trouble keeping track of, and Batman's screaming.

Robin #169:  OH SO IT WASN'T HIS OLD BODY.  Yeah, I don't get it, but like I said, new body is all that matters!  So the Damian I like is back again and the Robin I really don't "buy" is as well.  Sensei shit's gone so hopefully I don't have to hear about this father-son connection ever again and I'm not sure what Batman plans on doing after crushing poor Ra's hand.  And worth of note is NIGHTWING.

So there's my shitty-not-enough-paragraph-breaks summary of my reactions.  So far I like most of what I'm reading.  Damian's growing on me, and before the last two issues I was at the point where I'd have said he was better than Ra's, but now they're about equal.  If I could list the different series by level of enjoyment it'd probably Batman > Robin > Nightwing > Detective Comics.  I like Batman mostly because it's telling me the most, Robin because it's making Damian likeable on some level, Nightwing because it was awesome (although maybe a little too many quips >_>), and I can't really say I care for Detective Comics beyond the plot developments.  So putting my love of DCAU and Birth of the Demon Ra's aside, I'd probably give this story a 4/5 so far.  It's a little confusing, but the characterizations for the most part have been pretty awesome, plus bonus points for making series I wouldn't touch otherwise readable.

FORGOT TO MENTION TALIA.  Yeah I like her just fine now outside of the super-friendly Detective Comics issue.  She doesn't seem as batshit as she was in Batman and Son.
SO, I just "beat" Super Mario Galaxy!  Sure I have another sixty-some stars to collect before I complete it, but the main story of the game and what-not and the exciting conclusion were all very fun and I have no regrets over paying 50 bucks for it.  Sure it wasn't the most CHALLENGING game, but it was pretty darn fun.  That said, I don't know if I'm going to move on to another game or just try and complete this one first.  I never got all the stars in the first one, so it might be neat to do it in this one.

AND AMERICAN DAD.  I finished watching it all after finding season three's episodes pretty funny, and I have to say, I'm a faaaaan.  I don't know how well it'd work for somebody who didn't actually live in the US, but I think it's entertaining, and way better than Family Guy, which people usually lump it in with despite the shows having almost completely different writing teams.

Nov. 22nd, 2007


Super Mario Galaxy!

Well I just finished the first planet-galaxy-thingy, and I have to say that was pretty damn fun.  The gameplay is like nothing I've ever played before and the gravity, flying-bits, and boss battles were absolutely fantastic.  But what really surprised me was the snazzy intro and semi-involving story.  I haven't really given a shit about Mario's goals since Super Mario 64, and before that Super Mario Bros. 3.  This, while still pretty simple (SAVE THE PRINCESS, SAVE THE UNIVERSE) is just way cooler.  MARIO IN SPACE.  That and the music is pretty damn cool.  Looking forward to playing it some mooooore.

I've also popped in Medal of Honor Heroes 2 to check out the basic gameplay and what the online was like.  And thank fucking god for EA.  The lobby system LIVES.  Now if only Nintendo would smart-up and get with the program.  Lobby system aside, the game is pretty rockin', the controls feel natural and I'll probably start plowing through the campaign as soon as I can pull myself away from Galaxy.

Kotetsushin Jeeg Finished!

What can I say!  I liked it!  Before I get into my rambling and whatnot, here's some key points:

The Jeeg robot and the legacy elements.
Very little emo shit.
The epic music and whatnot.
Some of the best CGI vehicles I've seen. 

It lulls in the middle a bit, with some filler.
Some of the CGI doesn't look that good.
Needed more Hiroshi! >_>

So yeah.  It was pretty awesome.  Had some cool robot fightin' and smashin', especially in episodes three, ten, and eleven.  The legacy stuff with the previous Jeeg and past continuity is the type of shit I love in most anime in general, but REALLY LOVE in robot series, and it's probably part of the reason I was able to put up with the sorta-boring middle.  In the end I'd probably have to give Jeeg an 8/10 docking points for the filler and just that in general it wasn't an amazing series, but it was very fun to watch.


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Legend of the Galactic Heroes

So over the past week or so I've basically dropped every series I was watching (Jeeg, Getter, GGG Final, other random shit) and started watching SOLELY Legend of the Galactic Heroes.  Sure, this means I haven't seen a giant robot smash something in over a week, but I have to say, LOGH is pretty badass so far.  I think I just finished what's called the first season, and the series is definitely in my top 10 at the level of quality it's maintaining right now.  The characters are just way more likeable (OR HATEABLE) than in most of the series I've seen cover these themes (see: gundam >_>).  Yang Wenli is like the super-Amuro: deeper, less angsty, and eccentric in an awesome way and not in a "THE FORCE" way.  I'm also digging the twists.  Some of them I see coming and thoroughly enjoy, others I don't and I actually "OSNAP" at.  I'm willing to forgive how old the show looks in favor of the awesome story.  Most of the epic space battles are ships moving back and forth, but they still manic to be EPIC SPACE BATTLES.  I like it.  A lot. 

Season 1: 10/10

Suckbuster and LOGH

So after one episode of lame Gunbuster refs and even lamer new shit I've given up on Diebuster.  THAT'S THAT.

And now I'm starting Legend of the Galactic Heroes.  I'm only five episodes in and I already love it.  It's like Gundam minus bitchy Amuro and without giant robots.  It's pretty fucking sweet.  THAT'S ALL.  >_>

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