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Boring and Predictable

Man, I don't think I've sat through something this overrated since Escaflowne!  Episode 1-4 were so freaking predictable it was barely any fun watching them.  I mean, they weren't HORRIBLE, but they just weren't very entertaining.  Then episode six ruined episode five and had this lame black and white shit.  What the fuck was that supposed to be?  MORE DRAMATIC?  OOOH, BLACK AND WHITE, THIS IS INTENSE.  Plus the halfass final battle with the fucking stills.  So lame.  LAME LAME LAME.  The only episode I enjoyed entirely was episode five.  I liked what they did with the Coach there, even if episode six ruined it.  MAN.

Here's to hoping the sequel's better.



When you fall off the bandwagon...

Two days!?  I missed two whole days!?!  Not even a little fake post that I'd promise to update later but didn't!?!  That's pretty nuts.  No worries though cause I've got plenty done in the time I spent not posting... right? 

So I started Jeeg and am loving it.  I'm halfway through it and it gives me this kind of Mazinkaiser/Getter Robo feel, but with some rly nice animation.  I'm not sure if I think it's as good as those two series, but what I've seen is shaping up to be some pretty epic stuff and at the very least I think every episode has either made me "OMFG THAT'S AWESOME" or "LOLOLOLOL" so I'm enjoying myself.

ALSO.  Started Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo on a whim, and am loooooooooving it.  Granted I fell alseep during the first episode, but it was late.  It's not more accessible than New Getter which started from the very beginning, but FORGIVE ME IF I SOUND LIKE A BROKEN RECORD,  it feels in line with Mazinkaiser/Jeeg.  Either way, I found myself way more into it than with New and Armageddon.

Let's see.... what else.... AH.  Finished Medabots the other day!  Man what a great show!  I had forgot how it ended so it was awesome getting to watch it again.  It's sad that nobody talks about what an awesome show Medabots was. 

And I tried to watch Gunbuster and the Ideon movies, but Jeeeezus, they look so fucking old.  Gunbuster especially.



So after reading about this game on Penny Arcade I decided to check it out and I gotta say that while at the beginning I thought it was boring and too easy, as I'm getting into the fourth and fifth tier the game's coming to be a lot more fun.  Not like WOW THIS IS GREAT RAA RAA RAA, but just something entertaining to pick up when not much is going on.  At least it's taking my focus off the new gayer second half of SRW W.  I WANT MY GAOFIGHGAR NOW.

On the TV watchin' side of things I'm now about 2/3rds of the way through Medabots season 2, and I forgot how funny the replacement Space Medafighter X running gag was.  GOOD TIMES.

That's it.  CIAO.


Laaaaaaazy Daaaaaay

I didn't do anything today really.  It's just been a really slow day.  Last night I made it to the second part of SRW W though.  GaoFighGar looks so awesome.  And that's it.  :(

Medabots Season 1

Finished season 1 of Medabots today!  I don't remember the serious arc towards the end being so long but it was still pretty fucking awesome.  The dub keeps it way funnier than Pokemon ever was to me, even when I was a kid watching, so it's kind of sad to know the show "ends" after the second season.  Can't get enough of the Kirk-esque Space Medafighter X. 


Plus, it had a pretty badass GBA RPG:



So yes.  I finished it.  HOORAY.  I have to say that in the end GaoGaiGar was a pretty darn good anime.  Even the ten episodes too many of Zonder-of-the-Week aren't horrible episodes, just a little frustrating.  The final battle with the Primevals in 47 was pretty magnificent, and the last two episodes almost had me tricked before dosing me up with a nice happy ending.  I guess I'd give this show a B or an 8/10 or 4/5 or REALLY GOOD AND YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. 

On that note I started GGG FINAL, and only one episode in, I'm enjoying it but the new stuff feels like it's going to take another episode to get used to, not that I don't think the preview for the next episode is enough to convince me I'm going to love it:  GAOFIGHGAR VS GAOGAIGAR, GO.


I Know This Is Cheating...


I'm almost done with GGG, and ready for Final.  I can't remember where I left off on my last mention of it, but right now I'm through episode 42, that means only seven episodes left.  SEVEN.  I'm really excited about the end and the show still rocks.  I'll update this once I'm finished with the show for my last pre-FINAL impressions.


Apparently All I Do Is Watch TV

Saw a whole bunch of stuff "this morning" (lol around 2 AM to 7 AM) before passing out to epic Rokusho vs Metabee robattling and waking up just an hour ago.  >_>  First was Pushing Daisies which LOADS OF PEOPLE (lol erig and soh) had recommended it to me and I'd put off to watch with my mom, so last night we watched the first episode and I must say, I rly rly liked it.  The show's got this awesome Lemony Snickett except not lame feel to it.  I love the characters and the quirks of the town, but what really sealed the deal for me was the narrator.  What a bitchin' narrator that there Jim Dale is.

Next up was loads of anime, and I sort of feel bad for watching like 10 episodes of Medabots that I'd seen before instead of say, 10 episodes of one of these shows I keep saying I'm going to finish.  BUT ANYWAY, I saw the first two episodes of Godannar on recommendation from /M/ (gawd bless /m/) and either I was just really fucking horny and didn't mind the over-the-top fan-service OR there really wasn't THAT much fan-service, at least not enough to take away from how badass the show is.  The best part of the fan-service is it isn't just a bunch of moe/docile women/girls with floppy boobs to make me watch.  The females are as strong-willed as the males and I think it's great to see strong heavy-chest'd women in anime.  >_>  Really great.  ASIDE FROM THE BOOBS, the show had a pretty swank male lead, some nice robot designs, and what looked like seeds for a more serious plot later on, so I'm definitely going to be sticking with this show.

Then there was Skullman.  I liked it.  There's not much to say beyond that because honestly in the one episode I watched not much really happened.  It's sort of in the same book as Kikaider I guess, except it looked waaaaaay better than Kikaider.  After my one episode of Skullman, IT WAS TIME TO ROBATTLE.  I like that I can still watch this show and laugh at the jokes because they're honestly funny and not because I'm thinking in my head "I USED TO THINK THIS WAS SO COOL, I'M SO LAME LOL."  Naw, Phantom Renegade, Mr. Referee, and Metabee have to be like three of the funniest characters in dub history. 

Didn't really do anything else and haven't gotten much further into SRW W so there isn't anything left for me to talk about.  :( CIAO.


So I watched the first four episodes OF ANDROID KIKAIDER today, and while it is a little boring (JUST A LITTLE) I kind of like it.  Sure the fights are weak and so far not much has happened, but the dub is nice and I like the characters.  Considering I'm basically 1/4th through the series + the OVAs I figure I might be able to knock this one out during the weekend.

On the other side of the enjoyment spectrum is the first really really boring episode Ideon.  So boring that I can't imagine watching 38 more episodes.  I'm thinking I might have to just go with the movies instead of the whole series.  Maybe I'll give it another episode or too.

ALSO, A SUPER ROBOT WARS W UPDATE.  The further along into GaoGaiGar I get, the more I enjoy this game and become attached to certain units.  Also Kaiser Blade is the shit.  This game's probably been bumped from a D- in my book, to a C+ or maybe even a B.  Definitely worth playing if you like the GaoGaiGar or the Mazinger series (lol wing too >_> BUT JUST THE MECHS).  I don't know much about most of the other robots though (save Shin-Getter and Voltron).

And uh... my Cap omnibus arrived today.  It's really awesome holding this epic tome of greatness.  I just can't express the feeling I get knowing this humongous book contains the "death" of the Red Skull, the return of Bucky, and the death of Captain America ALL IN ONE COMPLETE SET.  Granted I already owned 17 of the 25 issues, but it's still badass. 

AND WHILE WE'RE ON THE SUBJECTS OF COMICS, let me mention that I "read" the sequel to JMS' most-hated Spider-Man story "Sins Past."  Now I was a fan of the original.  I wasn't nearly as enraged by the way everything played out as most people were and I thought the writing and art were pretty darn good.  This is not the case with Sins Remembered.  At all.  I should have written down the name of the writer and artist so I could avoid anything else they ever do, cause this was a piece of shit.  All the potential that was flushed down the toilet when everybody hated the original story is summoned back up, teased at, and then obliterated by this horrible train wreck of a story.  Probably the worst thing about the story was the writing for Mary Jane.  Could she be any more of a pathetic pushover?  I'm not even going to go into the details of the story; all I can say is that unlike at the end of Sins Past, after this story hope I never see the Stacy twins ever again.


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